Frequently Asked Questions

MyQuiniela is a space for virtual communities around sports pools. Here you can create a sport pool and invite your friends to join and see who makes the best picks of the games for the tournament (league/season) selected.

Absolutely. MyQuiniela offers to create soccer pools for free !!!

No. is a platform to make picks over sport matches. We don't take part of any user-to-user transactions nor accept payments of any kind for gambling purposes. does not participate in any user to user transaction. So In case a competition (pool) you were a participant and the owner offered a reward for the winner(s) or you're asked to pay to enter a competition, that's a user to user transaction made outside platform. So we recommend you make transaction with people you trust.

By score means that you will try to guess the exact score for the game (i.e. 2 - 1). If you guess the exact final score, you'll get 3 points for that match, but if you guess the result but not the exact score, you'll get 1 point.
On the other hand, in By result style you'll try to guess who will win (Home or Away) of if it will be a Tie, no matter the final score. If you guess it then you'll get 1 point.

Please find the instructions here.